About Us

LX Avionics was founded in 2002, by John Delafield.  Since then, we have become one of the UK's leading suppliers for light aviation equipment.  We specialise in supplying avionics, instruments and systems for the general aviation, recreational flying and gliding communities.  

We have a dedicated show room at Turweston Aerodrome, opening in January 2016, where customers can come and play with our range of avionics, glide computers and instruments.  In addition to our range of avionics and instruments, we are the UK dealer for Softie Parachutes, and stock other emergency equipment, such as life jackets and ELTs.

We also stock pilot supplies, including headsets, charts, training manuals, checklists, flight computers, kneeboards, pilot and aircraft logbooks, aircraft cleaning products and tapes to name a few.

We are open Monday to Friday, 09:00 until 16:30, and any other time by appointment.  

To introduce ourselves to you:-

John Delafield - John served 35 years in the Royal Air Force and types flown included the Meteor, Hunter, Jet Provost and many piston types; he served a further 17 years in the RAF Volunteer Reserve (Training) giving Air Experience flying on Light Aircraft. In gliding, he was 8 times British National Champion, at one time held 3 British Records, and he flew in 3 World Championships and also was for many years a gliding instructor and examiner. He was co-founder of RD aviation Ltd (now part of AFE) and has over 30 years experience in the recreational aviation service sector.

Contact John directly: john.delafield@laxavionics.co.uk

Mike Pettican - Mike began working part-time with LX avionics Ltd in 2010 where he brought years of prior experience in avionics sales and service from the period he worked with RD aviation Ltd (now part of AFE - Airplan Flight Equipment).  Mike has some 600 hours Light Aircraft flying and 2000 hours gliding. He is a part owner of a Robin DR 400. He was, until March 2014, Manager at Bicester Gliding Centre, and holds both a full gliding instructor rating and a CAA Flight Instructor rating for motor gliders. He joined the LX avionics team full time at the end of March 2014.

Contact Mike directly: mike.pettican@lxavionics.co.uk

Derren Francis - Derren has been 3 times British National Gliding champion flying a Ventus 2 and has joined the LX avionics team to provide advice and sales service for all LX Nav products. Aged 44, he is a former military AAC helicopter pilot and now an airline pilot flying the A320 series. He owns an RV4 and has interests in other light aircraft. He is a gliding instructor and examiner, and the BGA chief tug pilot examiner.  Derren has also been selected to represent Great Britain in the 15 Meter World Gliding Championships in Benalla, Australia, in January 2017.

Contact Derren directly: derrne.francis@lxavionics.co.uk

Dave Hook - Dave started assisting LX Avionics at exhibtions in 2014. He owns an Fournier RF4 and is part owner of a Robin DR400. As well as being an experienced pilot, Dave brings a wealth of technical experience, and is able to offer our customers good, friendly advice. 

We look forward to serving you!

LX Avionics Ltd

Hangar 10

Turweston Aerodrome



NN13 5YD

Tel: 01280 700020

Email: info@lxavionics.co.uk