• LX Flarm Eagle

Remember the LX FLARM RedBox? Well, this is the future.

is a compact FLARM compatible “black box”. The small dimensions of the box make it possible to install anywhere in the cockpit. The GPS antenna, FLARM display and FLARM radio antenna are connected separately and can therefore be installed at convenient locations.


Flarm EAGLE uses the  brand new PowerFLARM OEM module.


Main Features:

  • extended range.
  • optional diversity antenna (2x flarm antenna for even better signal strength). 
  • optional IGC and ENL flight recorder
  • optional ADSB receiver (in future)

PowerFLARM is a small and light weight technology platform that is compatible with other FLARM devices installed in over 30.000 aircraft around the globe. LX Navigation have managed to make it even better!

LX Flarm Eagle replaces the well-known LX Flarm RedBox. It is smaller in size and has basically the same functionality but it uses a superior DC/DC converter (up to36V), has a better GPS receiver and newer technology for detecting ENL.

The production cost and selling price is higher than for the Red Box Flarm but the performance is significantly better.

Each LX Flarm EAGLE is supplied with both a Dipole antenna and a GPS antenna. (SD card and Flarm display are not included in the package)

Each unit has a logger function and all flights are written to SD card. Updates can be made with an SD card or by cable with FlarmTool.

As for all other Flarm/Power Flarm systems, this product will have a mandatory firmware update every year published by Flarm. (www.flarm.com)

Pro version includes the diversity module and an additional dipole antenna. 

Basic unit scan be upgraded from normal version to IGC / ENL and to Pro later if required.


LX Flarm Eagle

  • £792.00

  • Ex Tax: £660.00

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