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Only the best for the best. Discover the all new Colibri X.


‘Forged from experience: the all-new Colibri X’

Intuitive operating system
Colibri X is the culmination of 3 years of research and development by LX navigation. The philosophy they have adopted with all their new instrument developments, from the Zeus onwards, has been to go back to square-one and develop ground-breaking devices Throughout this process their sole aim has been to diminish pilot workload in the cockpit in order to free the pilot to achieve the principal objective of flying the glider without distractions!
Their biggest leap toward this ideal has been the OS and User Interface. They have a team of engineers, designers and programmers, all of who are glider pilots as well and they strive to make the User interface as intuitive to use as your mobile phone. The user manual is a thing of the past here……….Yes,!  You really do not even need to read the handbook to get going with its basic operation!


Scroll with style ‘Intuitive numeric, alphanumeric and colour input’

LX navigation has introduced scroll wheels for ultra-easy operation and this is just one of many smart solutions. The same logic has been applied for numeric inputs; no need to type an input - just scroll.  It is really easy.
And when you need to type in your name, registration, task name or any of the many inputs, use a standard QWERTY keyboard.
Basic variometer with thermal assistant
Colibri X provides you with basic variometer information, using its built-in pressure sensor and this, with its “thermal assistant”, will help you find the core of each thermal, see what the wind is and much more.

Turnpoint, Airport, Task and Nearest landable location and navigation programs can all be run concurrently.

Map with terrain.
Colibri X is pre-loaded with world maps which also show terrain and have custom colour palettes and adjustable text size and colour.

Colibri X can be connected with its built-in Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS or via a Micro USB. File transfers are easy using the supplied Micro SD card.

Map palettes? We have them ALL
Choose what suits you best from a multitude of map palettes, or fly without one!

Let your Colibri speak to you!

The Colibri X has a built-in voice module which warns you of low altitude, low and high speed, approaching objects, Flarm warnings, Gear etc. etc.
Just another step in reducing pilot workload…….
IGC flight recorder
It is always smart to have a backup. Colibri X gives you an IGC approved flight recorder with ENL sensor built in.  Development of an internal MOP (Means of Propulsion) sensor is underway and, when complete, will be available with a simple software update

Load airspace files and you decide the colours of outline and fill!
The highest level user interface
Colibri X has an intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface with clear actions and great contrast settings.

The all-new Colibri X is designed to give you a totally new experience with fast easy control all within the size of many mobile phones.

Customise your Colibri X
LX navigation believes that optional user customisation of its operating systems will give you the very best experience. That is why Colibri X comes with a simple and effective display layout customisation to meet your personal requirements.
Bright and clear 3.5″ Display
A sharp and transflective display has been used which ensures perfect reading of graphical and alphanumerical data even in sunlight. It is hard to explain the importance of transflectiveness in displays without actually seeing it, but the results are simply amazing!

Touch screen
3.5 inch transflective capacitive touch screen display allows you to control the Colibri X by the swipe or touch of a finger.

All in one device
Colibri X gives you an integral GPS receiver and antenna, altimeter with QNH, TP, APT, TSK navigation, IGC flight recorder with ENL and MOP, airspace support and much more and all in the device!
Pocket size
Designed to fit in your pocket and yet still delivering the whole range of features you will find invaluable.


USB port
USB port serves as a data transfer medium for your upgrades, flight records, charging and more.


Colibri X will operate for some 18 hours on its internal battery!


Easily mountable
Have any friends with a 3D printer? Get the 3D model of the Colibri X mount from LX navigation for free and mount it anywhere you wish.  Or purchase a bespoke display – your choice…….


LX One chip
Colibri X uses the LX One Chip, which is exclusive to LX navigation. This chip was developed especially for gliding orientated flight computers.
In Summary: Colibri X – Technical Specification
• 3.5 inch transflective sunlight readable display • Simple handling via touch screen • New LX One Chip • 16GB internal memory • Built in GPS receiver and antenna • Internal battery ensures up to 18 hours of full display operation autonomy • Built in battery charger (5V via USB) • Altimeter with QNH • TP, APT, TSK navigation • IGC flight recorder with ENL and MOP (IGC approval in progress, June 18) • Airspace support • WiFi and Bluetooth
All this plus Voice Warning too!!

Size: Colibri X measures 101 x 70 x 13 mm and weighs only 145 gm
In the box:
Colibri X
Micro SD with Manual

If you want to test the new Colibri X just contact us – LX avionics 01280 700020 or call in and try one yourself at our Turweston Shop or on one of our club visits.
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