Installation Service

Posted by Mike Pettican 11/09/2018 84 Comment(s)

We are pleased to offer a service to our customers to help with panel design right through to complete installation. We offer this to both gliding and power customers.
We start with a blank panel and use a Computer Aided Design (CAD) package to design the panel in 3D and obtain optimum spacing with clearances for any switches as in this example:




Having spent time modelling up the instruments we can then supply a file that the owner can manipulate using a lightweight 3D viewing tool to see how it looks.


Finally we can provide a PDF of the panel for review and approval by the customer:


In very broad terms we offer the following options:


  • Option 1 - Panel Design and cutting. Presently all the work is done in CAD and using a traditional CNC system to cut the panels. 
  • Option 2 - Instrument Installation. We make sure that the spacing of instruments is the optimum and that appropriate securing devices are used.
  • Option 3 - Instrument Panel Wiring. We can supply and install all required switches and circuit breakers and provide no-break circuitry for power change-over switches
  • Option 4 - Integration of panel into a glider (or powered aircraft) subject to available suitable premises. We fit the panel to your machine and integrate it to the electrical system (or replace and re-engineer as required). We can normally travel to an agreed central location to do this work.
  • All glider work can be overseen and signed off by a BGA Senior Inspector


We also offer:


  • Rebuild of existing panel with holes filled and repainted to your requirements so that it looks like this:



  • Additional devices such as air extractor vents:




  • Specialist parts to facilitate quick installation such as these flap mounting brackets for LX Nav Flap Encoders



This is a totally new service and we will develop it in conjunction with customers to provide a fully integrated service.