iris all-in-one 57

iris all-in-one 57

Digital all-in-one unit combining all the basic flight instruments.

Manufactured by LX Navigation

The iris all-in-one 57 is a 57 mm standalone unit, all-in-one, ASI + ALT + VSI with a backup battery, Incl. OAT sensor.

It can power a slave unit for two-seater aircraft. 

This is a totally new system developed from the Salus (which has LAA approval) and is a solid-state flight system that runs off a standard 9 - 30 volt DC system and comes with an internal back-up battery, giving a nominal 3 hours of use.

The iris can be edited with CAN2WIFI - (which is a simple module through which you can connect and adjust IAS colour ranges, font sizes, screen colours etc.)  But iris can, of course, be purchased already configured.


Indicated airspeed

Ground speed (optional)

True airspeed


Flight level

Current QNH

Vertical speed

Density altitude

Outside air temperature

Power and battery

Power supply: 9 – 30 V DC

Power consumption: 150 mA @ 12 V DC / 100 mA @ 24V DC

Battery: Built-in battery (3 hours)


What’s in the box?

iris device

power supply connector

M4 x 6 screws

CAN BUS cable

GPS Antenna (optional)

OAT sensor (optional)



pressure input(s)

RJ 45 CAN port

RJ12 OAT port

SMA connector for GPS (optional)

power supply connector


 Processor and memory

 LX one chip

Warranty and Service: Your iris device comes with technical support and a two-year limited warranty.

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Available for the iris series instruments such as the iris airspeed indicator. Includes the GPS modu..
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