FSG 7016/VOX

FSG 7016/VOX

Delivery time approx 9 months

F10165 FGG7016/VOX UHF/AM handheld transceiver with VOX function, 16 pre-programmed channels and RF output, waterproof.

Principal Features:

  • UHF/AM hand-held transceiver with VOX function
  • 225 – 399.975MHz
  • 25kHz spacing
  • 16 Channels out of 7000 pre-programmed
  • RF output 1 Watt or 0.1 Watt, or receive only
  • Waterproof and submersible

Supplied with:

  • Detachable NiMH battery E58155
  • Flexible antenna E55275
  • Adjustable hand-carrying strap E55383
  • Operating manual

NOTE: Microphone loudspeaker has to be ordered separately

Options: (please see FSG Accessories)

  • FSG7016/VOX 10-pole accessory connector, twist lock 
  • FSG7016/VOX spare portable whip antenna 225-399.975MHz 
  • FSG7016/VOX TNC antenna coaxial cable connector - solder 
  • FSG7016/VOX DL-5A/7016 drop in automatic NiMh/NiCad battery charger 
  • FSG7016/VOX hand-holder with adjustable strap, hook and loop fastener
  • FSG5W/FSG7016/VOX speaker/mic, fist type, coiled cord, rain proof, 10 pole plug 
  • FSG5W/F7016/VOX external in-line PTT key U-94A/U, coiled cord, 10 pole plug 
  • FSG4/FSG5/FSG5W/FSG7016/VOX dynamic headset (noise attenuating), coiled cord, 4 pole connector 
  • FSG7016/VOX FSG-PROG control software for PC
  • FSG7016/VOX interface cable to PC (RS-232), 10-pole connector (radio) and 25-pole female
  • FSG7016/VOX spare NiMh battery 12V/1.500mAh, sealed and protected
  • FSG5W/F7016/VOX Magnetic Mount Base for antenna, 4m cable with TNC connector
  • FSG7016/VOX battery evaluation adapter for H-Tronic C3
  • FSG7016/VOX coiled cord cable, 10 pole to U93A/U5-pole (female)
  • FSG7016/VOX coiled cord cable, 10 pole to U93A/U4-pole (female) 
  • FSG7016/VOX capacity test - charger and discharger unit H-Tronics C5
  • FSG7016/VOX Adapter 25 pole to 9 pole (for F10166 cable to laptop) 
  • FSG7016/VOX carrying pocket (left shoulder) 
  • FSG7016/VOX wind protection for mircrophone M87
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