IMI Gliding, Towing Bar - Light

IMI Gliding, Towing Bar - Light

Towing bar, light gliders


The Tow bar for light gliders is connected to the tail dolly by two hooks and carries the tail of the glider in the air by lifting the tailwheel or tail skid. The tail wheel or tailskid is held in a steel holder with adjustable position and height. The installation is very easy and safe. The Tow bar is made mainly of anodized hardened aluminium, the weight is only 5,5 Kg. Its design enables it to be folded it to save space when not in use. It is equipped with a safety ISO-50 connection with handle.



Length extended:



Length folded:

90 cm

Distance axle - tail wheel min.:

36 cm

Distance axle - tail wheel max.:

60 cm


5,5 kg

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