Liquid Gloss AS

Liquid Gloss AS


Liquid Gloss AS is a “breakthrough” product for cleaning, polishing

and preservation.     It is a remarkable improvement in comparison to

the well-established ARDROX 6017 !

It is approved for aeronautical use

Liquid Glass AS is best suited for gel coats, polyurethane coatings,

metals and acrylic canopies.       It effectively removes almost all

contaminants, grease, oxides  and most combustion residues..    It

gives a high gloss and forms a UV- and  weather-resistant

protective film on gel  coats,  lacquers  and protects  most

metals from oxidation.   It does not induce crazing,

It  can  be  applied  to  dry  or  wet surfaces .    It is odorless and

silicon-free.  Its  pH  number  is  approx. . 9.4.

Easy to use, three operations in one;: cleans protects and polishes.

Excellent     results     are    achieved    using   small    quantities.

LIQUID GLOSS AS  can  be  applied manually  or mechanically as a

thin  film using  a  clean dry cloth or mop. If the soiling is strong

LIQUID GLOSS AS  should  be  left   on  to   penetrate  for  up to  7

minutes in order to remove the soiling.       Then wipe the surface

with a clean cloth and buff  to a high gloss surface.      For regular

care  LIQUID GLOSS AS    can    be   added   to  the    wash   water.

Please   store  cool   but   frost-free  and   away    from    children.

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