About Us

LX Avionics was founded in 2002, by John Delafield.  Since then, we have become one of the UK's leading suppliers for light aviation equipment.  We specialise in supplying avionics, instruments and systems for the general aviation, recreational flying and gliding communities.  

We have a dedicated show room at Turweston Aerodrome, opening in January 2016, where customers can come and play with our range of avionics, glide computers and instruments.  In addition to our range of avionics and instruments, we are the UK dealer for Softie Parachutes, and stock other emergency equipment, such as life jackets and ELTs.

We also stock pilot supplies, including headsets, charts, training manuals, checklists, flight computers, kneeboards, pilot and aircraft logbooks, aircraft cleaning products and tapes to name a few.