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ESA Systems Technical Alert regarding double probes DN/StaTEK and StaTEK/Brözel

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LX Avionics is delighted to have been appointed a dealer for UAVIONIX in the UK !

Read about the Sky Echo 2 here



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Price includes postage and packing!  Warranty 1 year from purchase.Many pilots will find the ne..
Ex Tax: £92.50
NEW ATR833S VHF transceiver - please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery, for new orders.The ATR83..
£1,099.15 £990.00
Ex Tax: £825.00
Includes the LT1 connector.The first KRT 2 set new standards in terms of user interface, light weigh..
£1,236.00 £1,020.00
Ex Tax: £850.00
Adapter for wiring harness ATR500/600 > ATR 833 ..
Ex Tax: £75.00
FTA-250LAirband TransceiverUltra-Compact and Rugged Construction.Radio Features:5 Watts TX Output P..
Ex Tax: £160.00
 The Icom MBA 3 adapter changes the D25 connector on the rear of the A200T Transceive..
Ex Tax: £58.33
Now EASA Approved!  In stock Now!Trig’s TY96 aviation radio defines a new standard in..
£2,040.00 £1,895.00
Ex Tax: £1,579.17
Developed from the very popular ATR 833 OLED, the ATR 833 LCD has all the features of the OLED versi..
Ex Tax: £1,076.00
The AIRBATT Powercharger series includes chargers that are built using primary clocked technology. U..
Ex Tax: £49.17
TRADE IN PRICE ONLY.Save £400 against a new LX 10k vario when you trade-in your old unit (any vario ..
Ex Tax: £1,750.00
Ex Tax: £20.00
Ex Tax: £369.17
Ex Tax: £349.17
Unused since purchase new from LX Avionics. Complete with Form 1. Price:£229.00 including in..
Ex Tax: POA
Compatibility EngiBOXUngrounded Thermocouple Type: K..
Ex Tax: £21.98
 Reduce Your Workload10 watt Comm with 25 kHz or 8.33 kHz spacing optionsAutomatically displays..
£2,760.00 £2,100.00
Ex Tax: £1,750.00
Purchase the Becker AR 6201 8.33 Transceiver and Becker BXP 6401 transponder together, and save!Plea..
£3,948.00 £3,600.00
Ex Tax: £3,000.00
Becker AR6203 8.33 Radio and Becker BXP6403 Mode S Transponder.  Buy together and save!..
£4,122.00 £3,954.00
Ex Tax: £3,295.00
The ATR833A is a VHF radio in 160mm format with the new channel separation of 8.33kHz. The channel s..
£1,530.00 £1,270.00
Ex Tax: £1,058.33
Purchase the Funke ATR833 OLED 8.33 Transceiver and Funke TRT800H OLED together, and save!Please see..
£3,606.00 £3,180.00
Ex Tax: £2,650.00
Purchase the Funke ATR833A OLED 8.33 Transceiver and Funke TRT800A OLED together, and save!Please se..
£3,756.00 £3,240.00
Ex Tax: £2,700.00
Purchase the Funke ATR833 LCD 8.33 Transceiver and Funke TRT800HLCD together, and receive a £251.00 ..
£3,360.00 £3,000.00
Ex Tax: £2,500.00
The UAV development kit is based on the PowerFLARM OEM Application Module (AM), offering full In (re..
POA £1,335.00
Ex Tax: £1,112.50