LX Navigation's new iris instruments

Posted by John Wright 13/07/2020 0 Comment(s)

Digital flight instruments with a backup battery.

Standalone flight instrument.

(For Experimental, ultralight and LSA aircraft)


Available as 57 mm or 80mm panel cut-out size.

iris is a totally new system developed from the Salus (that has LAA approval) and is a solid-state flight system that runs off a standard 9 – 30 V DC system and comes with an integral back-up battery giving a nominal 3 hours of use.  The system is supplied pre-wired with all cables ready-made for the CANBUS system and is plug and play and needs only to be connected to pitot and static sources, as appropriate.  And go fly.  You will be amazed by its capability.


The range includes an all-in-one instrument (shown here) featuring a digital ASI and Altimeter and Vertical Speed Indicator. Options include a GPS module, OAT sensor and a high airspeed sensor for faster aircraft.

There are a range of instruments available as well as the all-in-one unit, including slave meters, ASI, Chronometers, VSI and more as individual instruments.

You can find these listed in the menu in the Avionics and in the Instruments dropdown section.

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