PowerFlarm / ADS-B / BVLOS

PowerFlarm / ADS-B / BVLOS

 PowerFlarm + ADS-B and now BVLOS

The FLARM system was invented by active pilots and launched through a crowd-funding campaign in 2004. It has since gained fast acceptance and high penetration in the entire aeronautical community, and is known as a safe, efficient and affordable technology.

FLARM is the state-of-the-art traffic information, collision avoidance and remote electronic identification technology used in general aviation, installed in over 35,000 manned aircraft and already tens of thousands of UAV. FLARM is the most popular solution in the lower airspace outside major airports: over half of Europe’s manned aircraft plus countless other airspace users such as UAV, R/C model aircraft, and para/hang-gliders are equipped with it.

FLARM systems are available from several manufacturers for use in powered aircraft, helicopters, gliders, and UAVs.

PowerFLARM is the improved FLARM technology based on the well-proven Classic FLARM. PowerFLARM devices feature stronger transmitters, higher sensitivity receivers, optional antenna diversity, better interference protection, a faster processor with more memory, and EASA approval.  Various PowerFLARM devices also include an ADS-B and transponder receiver to detect aircraft not yet equipped with FLARM.


Latest  News:
Commercial BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) Drone Service uses FLARM for Traffic Avoidance in Switzerland
5th June 2018

Swiss Post, the Insel hospital group, and drone manufacturer Matternet have started a commercial BVLOS drone transport service in the Swiss capital city of Berne. The drones are connecting the Insel university hospital and Tiefenau hospital, located 4 km (2.5 miles) apart, carrying lab samples and urgently needed medication. The route is located entirely inside the controlled airspace around the city’s airport.
“When lab samples need to be transported as quickly as possible from A to B, every minute counts”, says Uwe E. Jocham, Insel’s CEO. The lab samples are currently transported by courier. For urgent cases, Insel uses a taxi.
All drones are equipped with our FLARM traffic information and collision warning system. Flarm technology is now standard in many aircraft operating in European airspace and allows both manned and unmanned aircraft to see and stay well clear of each other at any time. In addition, it enables the drones to be identified and tracked at all times, a key requirement of U-Space for the safe and efficient integration of drones into airspace shared with manned aviation.
In the near future, Swiss Post together with the medical laboratory Zentrallabor ZLZ and Matternet will start another commercial BVLOS drone transport service above Zurich, Switzerland’s largest city. The service will connect ZLZ’s main medical laboratory with the Hirslanden Im Park hospital. The routing crosses the lake of Zurich and is partially in uncontrolled airspace.
The Swiss Civil Aviation Authority FOCA has been involved in the project, has inspected the drone and its safety components, defined the legal conditions for flying it, and granted approval for the flights in Berne and Zurich.
FLARM and Swiss Post are also collaborating to create safe and efficient drone transport over Switzerland.

Ask us how we can help your drone operation and meet your BVLOS requirement.

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