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The Pioneer in LED–Aircraft Lighting–Technology 

LED-Lights from the Developer and Manufacturer
Sports pilot and aviation enthusiast Juergen Thiesen is the founder of Thiesen-Electronics. From his aviation experience, he was convinced that his expertise as an electronics
engineer, coupled with his entrepreneurial approach, could be combined to develop a range of products to help make flying safer.

His decision to develop and manufacture his own design of rugged and reliable LED light systems speak for his dedication to the principle of "SEE AND BE SEEN!"

LED-technology in aircraft lighting combines high luminous intensity with low power consumption, compact design and no maintenance. Thiesen's top-quality epoxy sealing technique ensures additional weather resistance and a long lifespan.

As with all of the Thiesen products, all systems are integrated into the light units, so there is no need for external controllers, power conditioners, or power supplies. This can provide a significant savings of weight, complexity, and COST!


Besides the already established range of products such as the Electronic Position Lights EPL and EPL-Tail-Light, the Anti-collision-Lights ACL, EPTA-LSA, EPTA-NG, landing lights ELLxx and the Electronic Rotating Beacon ERB, Thiesen leads the way. By the use of the latest generation LEDs, Thiesen is able to achieve a brightness that would have been inconceivable only a few years ago!


Intelligent Synchronization = Intelligent Power Management

The Thiesen "Intelligent Synchronization" system schedules the light pulses so that there is no overlap of the individual lighting flashes. As seen in the diagram below, this pulse scheduling reduces the battery and generator requirements as if only one light is on at any given moment and thus avoiding excessive current peaks.


EPTA-LSA  - Position Light, Anti Collision Light and Tail Light ....three lights in one.

An "Intelligent Synchronization" system schedules the light pulses so that there is no overlap of the individual lighting flashes. This pulse scheduling reduces the battery and generator requirements as if only one light was on at any given moment. This new LED technology allows an incredibly vivid, red and green light with only approx. 10% of the input power, when compared with conventional navigation lights.
Each lamp is cast in high-optical plastic making the EPL absolutely insensitive to water, vibrations and other environmental influence.
The efficiency of the output is much higher, compared to conventional systems. The heat production of the EPL is low and is monitored and controlled electronically.
Considerations, during installation, should still be given to the light‘s need for cooling airflow. Any recessed installation must provide some cooling airflow.
The set contains 2 EPTA-LSA for an aircraft (NON-TSO’d). One each for the right and left wing to be mounted at the wing tips. The illumination angle is equivalent to the required angle of 110 deg. as prescribed for general aviation. Please follow the instructions for mounting the EPTAs.

NEW! A mounting conversion adapter which makes it easy to change from conventional Xenon-strobes to Thiesen LED-position lights.


Note: To benefit from the "Intelligent Synchronization" you need to have the EPTA-LSA / EPTA-NG since the green EPTA light is the master module for all connected "iS" lights and shifts the pulses.

We give a warranty for 3 years from date of purchase or for 5000 hrs - depending on what occurs first.

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