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SkyEcho 2

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SkyEcho 2 is the world’s smallest portable ADS-B transceiver. At just 120 grams, it implements ‘See, BE SEEN, and Avoid’ for aircraft in the United Kingdom National Airspace. ADS-B Out on 1090ES and ADS-B In on 978MHz UAT and 1090MHz.

SkyEcho 2 receives Weather, Flight Information Services (FIS) and Traffic Information Services (TIS) over 978MHz UAT where available.

SkyEcho 2 also includes a dual-band ADS-B receiver to receive position reports from other ADS-B equipped aircraft and display them on in-flight applications, including ForeFlight Mobile, SkyDemon, and EasyVFR.

Ready for the Future
The United Kingdom is testing and implementing in-flight weather and other services over UAT (978MHz).  SkyEcho comes ready for the future with a built in 978MHz ADS-B receiver so you can benefit from this new service.
SkyEcho 2 receives in-flight weather from UAT ground stations. Weather data includes radar, winds METARS, TAFs and more

Cooperative Skies
CAP-1391 allows light aircraft, gliders and balloons to see and be seen by other aircraft without equipping a traditional transponder. SkyEcho 2 is approved for use in:

In more detail:

ADS-B In/Out Solution

SkyEcho 2 is a portable ADS-B receive and transmit solution. The 1090MHz transmitter has a 20W nominal output. Transmit functionality can be enabled/disabled from the configuration page.
The ADS-B receive capability includes both 1090MHz and 978MHz UAT for display of live traffic and weather from the uAvionix UAT in the UK trial system.
Portable ADS-B transmit capability is currently only approved for use in the United Kingdom under CAP1391.


SkyEcho includes a TSO-C199 GPS transmitting a Source Integrity Level (SIL) value of 1. SIL values of one (1) enable certified avionics, TCAS, and ATC to process and display your aircraft position. Aircraft using uncertified sources transmitting SIL of zero (0) are typically discarded and not displayed by the avionics or ATC displays. The high-integrity, SBAS GPS with Fault Detection and Exclusion (FDE) also provides position data to the EFB application and correlates your position with received traffic for viewing on supported displays.

Non-ADS-B Transponder Proximity Detection

SkyEcho 2 enhances awareness with a beta feature which alerts you to nearby aircraft which have a Mode C or Mode S transponder, but no ADS-B output. Using the SSR and TCAS transponder replies, SkyEcho 2 and the supported EFB application can detect and alert you if one of these aircraft are nearby and within a dangerous altitude band.

Expandable Cooperation

SkyEcho 2 is expandable for greater cooperation. FLARMbridge will be available soon which will allow you to connect existing installed FLARM systems for display on your EFB. Future support is planned for DroneAware and traffic displays.

FLARM Compatible

SkyEcho 2 includes native FLARM reception capability. When selected by the user, the secondary radio in SkyEcho 2 can be used as a FLARM receiver. FLARM traffic data is transmitted to participating EFB application for display of FLARM proximity warnings or FLARM traffic display. EFB integration required.

Cabin Altitude

SkyEcho 2 includes an integrated baro altimeter. The altimeter correlates cabin pressure altitude to altitudes of nearby traffic to give you more accurate relative altitude alerts.


Connect wirelessly to SkyEcho and receive live traffic on your GDL90 compatible EFB or EFIS for up to 4 devices simultaneously.

Integrated Battery

The integrated battery removes cords and clutter from the cockpit and has enough capacity for up to 12 hours of flight time with the transmit function enabled.

SkyEcho at a Glance

  • 20W nominal 1090ES transmitter (1090 MHz) for use in the United Kingdom
  • 1090ES reception (1090 MHz) from aircraft equipped with 1090 MHz Extended Squitter transmitters
  • Aviation Integrity SBAS and RAIM enabled TSO-C199 GPS provides position data for ADS-B Out transmissions
  • Traffic information from 1090ES is correlated to provide a coherent view of nearby aircraft
  • ADS-B 978Mhz receiver broadcasts traffic information over Wi-Fi to compatible flight applications and EFIS displays
  • Integrated rechargeable battery provides 12 hours of flight time

Extendable Awareness
SkyEcho is extendable to increase the level of cooperation by receiving additional information from other popular EC technologies.

In addition to FLARMbridge, additional expansion is planned for DroneAware.

Introducing FLARMbridge 
FLARMbridge is the first in a series of expandable options for SkyEcho 2. With FLARMbridge you can easily and wirelessly connect your existing FLARM product installation in your aircraft to SkyEcho 2. SkyEcho 2 will translate the FLARM data onto your EFB along with the ADS-B traffic.
FLARMbridge will be available in January 2019 

How it all connects

Coming soon

What’s Included

The SkyEcho 2 device easily fits in any backpack or flight bag. Included is the RAM® suction cup mount with quick release for installation and removal of SkyEcho 2 in under 1 second. Also Included is a USB-C cable for charging or direct power from your aircraft, and protective carry case.

Sky Echo 2 Unit

RAM® Mount

USB-C Cable

Protective Carry Case

Additional RAM® Mounts and Carry Case can be purchased as needed. 

A unique quarter turn mount allows installation and removal of the SkyEcho 2 in under a second.

With FLARMbridge you can easily and wirelessly connect your existing FLARM product installation in your aircraft to SkyEcho 2.
Price £239.00   (£199.17)
Order Code: FLARMbridge  (Ready Jan 19)

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