LX Navigation iris series

LX Navigation iris series



iris series

Digital flight instruments with a backup battery.

Standalone flight instrument.

(For Experimental, ultralight and LSA aircraft)

Two series of NEW Instruments

iris series - basic flight instruments and iris EFIS

Available as 57 mm or 80mm panel cut-out size.

iris is a totally new system developed from the Salus (that has LAA approval) and is a solid-state flight system that runs off a standard 9 – 30 V DC system and comes with an integral back-up battery giving a nominal 3 hours of use.  The system is supplied pre-wired with all cables ready-made for the CANBUS system and is plug and play and needs only to be connected to pitot and static sources, as appropriate.  And go fly.  You will be amazed by its capability……..

iris all-in-one

Standalone flight instrument combines airspeed indicator, vertical speed indicator, and altimeter in one device with a backup battery.

User customisable flight instruments.

iris can be edited with CAN2WIFI - (which is a simple module through which you can connect and adjust IAS colour ranges, font sizes, screen colours etc.)

CAN2WIFI will operate only with the iris stand-alone and PFD instruments and not with the EFIS system.

CAN2WIFI is an Option and not included with normal delivery.

Iris can, of course, be purchased already configured; just look at the model options and price list and see the huge range available.

To use the iris configurator, connect your iris device to a CAN2WiFi device via a single CANBUS cable. CAN2WiFi device will provide a WiFi signal. Then you can use your smart device (PC, Mac, Smartphone or Tablet) to connect to your iris device via WiFi and start configuring the device in the web browser.

Configure your iris device to meet your needs. Select custom values, units, colours, speed bands, font sizes, widget size and positions, Min and Max values and more. Create a custom profile for a specific instrument and you can even configure it just minutes before installation!

CAN2WIFI MANUAL is available free at www.lxnavigation.com/downloads/manuals


Power and battery

    Power supply: 9 – 30 V DC

    Power consumption: 150 mA @ 12 V DC / 100 mA @ 24V DC

    Battery: Built-in battery (3 hours)


What’s in the box?

    iris device

    power supply connector

    M4 x 6 screws

    CAN BUS cable

    GPS Antenna (optional)

    OAT sensor (optional)



    pressure input(s)

    RJ 45 CAN port

    RJ12 OAT port

    SMA connector for GPS (optional)

    power supply connector


 Processor and memory

  LX one chip

Warranty and Service: Your iris device comes with technical support and a two-year limited warranty.

Please contact LX avionics for advice.    Tel 01256 889789  info@lxavionics.co.uk

Zoom consultations available,  on request

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