Glider Ground Handling

Glider Ground Handling

IMI - Gliding Equipment started the production of equipment for glider pilots at the end of 2004. After seventeen years of experience their aims have become clear and they say: 'everything we do, we try to do the best we can`

IMI offers you the usual things but with superb quality with new ideas, interesting looks, smart functions and more. Feedback from satisfied customers confirms this to be the right way. The team at IMI are personally enthusiastic and experienced glider pilots, and understand the requirements well. During 2016 they passed the figure of having more than 5000 satisfied customers worldwide.  

LATEST NEWS FROM IMI GLIDING.  "Castoring Wing Wheel with Suspension".


IMI offer two models of their superb WING WHEEL

BASIC: normal fork with strut suspension using 2 rubber shock absorbers which are responsive and yet strong enough to act as a wing stand when filling with water ballast The device is foldable or the fork can be removed by disconnecting just one pin. The weight is 8.5 kg.

TOP-LINE wing wheel: This is a brand new product. This new TOP-LINE wing wheel really is the latest in innovative design.

Main features:

  • 360° revolving wheel fork
  • suspension with steel spring giving 180mm stroke at the wheel
  • secondary suspension by rubber shock absorbers in the strut
  • suspension and revolving function lockable by just 1 button - for water ballast filling
  • the total weight is 11.5 kg, no need of additional weight to be added

Wing Wheel: will be adjusted to the glider type prior to the shipment. One can choose between the BASIC and TOP-Line versions. The top part (wing holder) is identical for both types.


Basic:            from £330.00 excl VAT    SKU - IMIWWBASIC

TOP-Line:     from £440.00 excl VAT    SKU - IMIWWTOP

(prices of the single and two-seater versions are identical)

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IMI Gliding, Glidng, One-Man Rigging System - for Two Seater

Two versions available; single seater and 2 seater. Both can be folded flat or dismantled for easy s..

Ex Tax: £760.00

IMI Gliding, One-Man Rigging System - for Single Seater

Two versions available; single seater and 2 seater. Both can be folded flat or dismantled for easy s..

Ex Tax: £680.00

IMI Gliding Wing Wheel (Heavy)

IMI Wing Wheel for two seater (Duo Discus, Arcus, DG1000)..

Ex Tax: £330.00

IMI Gliding, Wing Wheel (Light)

IMI Wing Wheel for tow-out - single seater..

Ex Tax: £320.00

Wing Wheel for Astir

The Astir model is suitable for single seat Astirs. It is 200mm wide and is fitted with a 400 newton..

Ex Tax: £249.00

Wing Wheel Grob G103 Model

With a flexible GRP front hinge and two heavy duty clips at the rear this wing wheel is made for dem..

Ex Tax: £320.00

Wing Wheel Standard Model

New Lower Price and ImprovementsThe standard model is suitable for most single seat gliders and some..

Ex Tax: £208.00

IMI Gliding, Tail Dolly - Two seater

IMI Tail Dolly for two seater (Twin Astir 1/II/III, Stemme 10, Duo Discus, Arcus etc)..

Ex Tax: £280.00

IMI Gliding, Tail Dolly - single seater

IMI Tail Dolly for single seater (ASW19/20, Std Cirrus, Discus, Ventus, Astir, LS4/6/8..

Ex Tax: £260.00

IMI Gliding, Towing Bar - Heavy

This Tow bar allows you to tow the glider with a car equipped with the ISO-50 ball towing connectio..

Ex Tax: £260.00

IMI Gliding, Towing Bar - Light

Towing bar, light gliders  The Tow bar for light gliders is connected to the tail dolly by tw..

Ex Tax: £190.00

IMI Gliding, Wing Stand - Heavy Duty Version

Heavy duty wing trestleLightweight and easy to stow in trailer..

Ex Tax: £150.00

IMI Gliding, Gliding, Canopy Cover - Two seater

We offer you high quality canopy covers against dust and water produced by IMI. The covers protect..

Ex Tax: £115.00