Canopy Covers

We offer you high quality canopy covers against dust and water produced by IMI. The covers protect the canopy against scratches, dust and UV radiation and the cockpit equipment and instruments against overheating and direct sunlight. The canopy covers are made from high quality Softshell fabric. The inside material is very soft and smooth and the woven outer layer material is flexible and weather resistant. An intermediate layer consists of a damp-proof membrane.


The cover is attached to the fuselage with four or five straps (depending on glider type). Two straps with plastic hooks attach to the wing trailing edges. The color is light gray, the cover can be washed in the washing machine (40 ° C).

IMI make covers for many glider types including:

 Canopy cover:     Compatible gliders:
 "SH"                        Cirrus, MiniNimbus, Discus b/2b, Ventus b/2b, Nimbus 2/3
                                 LAK-17/19, DG-800/808
                                 LS 1c/d/f, 3/4/6/7/8/10
 "Ventus 2c"           Ventus 2bx/2c/2cx, Nimbus 4, Quintus, HpH 304 Shark
 "Ventus 2a"          Ventus a/2a/2cxa, Discus a/2ax
 "ATLAS"                 ASW-19/20, Pegase, Mistral, TST-10 Atlas
 "ASW"                    ASW-15
 "VSO"                    VSO-10
 "DG"                      DG-100/200/400/600/800
 "JANTAR"               Jantar 2b, Standard Jantar 1/2/3
 "DUO"                   Janus b,c, Duodiscus, Nimbus 3D, Nimbus 4D
                               ASK-21, ASH-25
                               TST-14 Bonus
 "Twin Astir"        Twin Astir I/II/III

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