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Garmin G3X - GDU 460, 10.6" Display

 Explore the PossibilitiesAdvanced flight displays with built-in VFR WAAS GPSPrimary flight dis..

Ex Tax: £3,100.00

ARC-1 Flight Computer

The most modern, accurate and user-friendly PPL flight computer around. Made in the UK to the highes..

Ex Tax: £41.66

ASA Flight Timer 2

ASA Flight TimerOUR MOST POPULAR PILOT’S TIMERErgonomically designed and engineered for reliability,..

Ex Tax: £29.16

ASA - Tri-Fold Knee-board

An aluminium single knee-board placed inside durable tri-fold fabric wallet.Inside the wal..

Ex Tax: £29.13

VB3 A5-sized Professional folding kneeboard

Based on the evergreen AFE VB-1 the VB3 adds extra flexibility by the introduction of 6 document wal..

Ex Tax: £19.99

VB2 A4-size flightboard

Designed for those pilots who need a bit more space for their planning and in-flight notes, the VB-2..

Ex Tax: £16.66

VB1 A5-size folding Kneeboard

The classic AFE kneeboard design, ideal for student pilots and for use in light aircraft, helicopter..

Ex Tax: £15.79

AVP-1 Plotter

Simply indispensable in any pilot’s flight bag, the AVP-1 is just as easily used for pre-flight plan..

Ex Tax: £7.49


Suitable for JAR-PPL and NPPL pilots, AFE’s copyrighted page layout allows all essential flying..

Ex Tax: £7.49


The classic 5” square protractor, designed by AFE for maximum accuracy and ease of use. Features inc..

Ex Tax: £4.99

Scale 1 Ruler

The standard aeronautical scale rule used world-wide, cut from thick Perspex with bevelled edges. Th..

Ex Tax: £4.99


Short scale rule with scale markings in 1:500,000 & 1:250,000 scales...

Ex Tax: £4.79