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LED-Lights from the Developer and Manufacturer

Thiesen-Electronics GmbH

Thiesen-Electronics GmbH was established by sports pilot and avionic enthusiast Juergen Thiesen and his wife in 2002 to complement Thiesen Hardware and Software Design GmbH which was started in 1995.

All of their high-quality standard products are developed and manufactured by Thiesen and "Made in Germany". Thiesen are able to react very quickly to customer and market requirements.

Thiesen has a team of more than 40 dedicated people working in the various sectors the company operates in namely: Avionics, Automotive Electric, Electronics, Communications Technology and IT-Solutions.

Besides avionics, the company can deliver a range of services to provide tailor-made hardware and software solutions for customers.

LX avionics is delighted to have been appointed the Thiesen Agent for the United Kingdom and will support you, our valued customer, in helping to make your aircraft more conspicuous visually. Add all the electronic devices you want but there is no substitute for making your aircraft visually obvious………

Thiesen gives an incredible warranty for 3 years from the date of purchase or for 5000 hrs - depending on what event occurs first.


EPTA-NG  - Position Light, Anti Collision Light and Tail Light ....three lights in one!  One light on each wingtip only.

These very clever lamps are navigation lights (green and red) and rear-facing red lights, that meet the angle of view requirements, as well as being bright white strobes. They can be coupled to a Flarm system to increase the flash rate when a nearby Flarm emitting aircraft is detected thus making your aircraft more conspicuous. (They are not TSO approved.)

An "Intelligent Synchronization" system schedules the light pulses so that there is no overlap of the individual lighting flashes. This pulse scheduling reduces the battery and generator requirements as if only one light was on at any given moment. This new LED technology allows an incredibly vivid, red and green light with only approx. 10% of the input power, when compared with conventional navigation lights.

Click for full dimensions (and then click to enlarge the image)
Each lamp is cast in high-optical plastic making the units absolutely watertight, and insensitive to vibration and other environmental influences.

The output efficiency is much higher than in conventional systems. The heat production of the EPTA-NG is low and is monitored and controlled electronically.
With this new development of Thiessen`s earlier and well-proven EPTA-LSA is the inclusion of a serial FLARM-Interface. This is why it is now called the EPTA-NG (NextGeneration). What the system does: in the event of an aircraft being on a potential collision course with another connected to a PowerFLARM, the unit accelerates the flashing sequence of the EPTA-NG according to the FLARM alert level. This makes your aircraft more conspicuous and increases safety.  A perfect system for glider towing aircraft.

With this interface, a connected PowerFLARM unit can send the emergency levels 0 – 3 to the EPTA-NG and thus regulate the flash sequences of the lights. The higher the alert level - the faster the flashing. This increases the detectability of your aircraft in flight significantly and can help to prevent a collision.

Just one consideration during installation, you should still allow for the light‘s need for cooling airflow. If the lamp is recessed some cooling airflow must be provided.

The set contains 2 EPTA-NG for an aircraft (NON-TSO’d). One each for the right and left-wing to be mounted at the wingtips. The illumination angle is equivalent to the required angle of 110 deg. as prescribed for general aviation.

RETROFIT - NEW! A mounting conversion adapter which makes it easy to change from conventional Xenon-strobes to Thiesen LED-position lights.


Note: The "Intelligent Synchronization" feature is only available with the EPTA-NG (and not the earlier model) since the green EPTA light is the master module for all connected "iS" lights and shifts the pulses.

Intelligent Synchronisation

This diagram explains it better than any words can do!


Technical Specification

Operating Voltage10 - 17 Volts (DC), typically: 12.8 - 13.4 Volts (on-board power supply)
Wattage20 Watts (approx.)
Fuse5 Amp. (fusible cut-out or automatic fuse)
Dimensions80 x 40 x 30 mm (L x W x H)
Drill Hole4.5 mm
WeightApprox. 76 grams including connecting cables
Warranty5,000 operating hours or max. 3 years

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