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 Unmanned Aerial Systems

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LX Avionics Ltd has been appointed a distributor for the range of systems developed by uAvionix for the ever-expanding number of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in use and those under development.

The uAvionix autopilot system leads the field in miniaturisation and ruggedness; it is known as George. (The term "George" probably originates from the inventor of the autopilot, George De Beeson, who was awarded a patent by the USA in 1931)

Key Functions  (Levitate, Communicate, Navigate, Separate)


uAvionix's George autopilot system does it all.....

George combines the flexibility and decade’s worth of open-source innovation in UAS autopilots with the robustness of certifiable hardware. 

Sensor Integrity is essential

uAvionix's George uses the highest-quality GPS, C2 Radio, airspeed, Detect and Avoid (DAA), and military-grade geomagnetic sensors for unprecedented accuracy and platform integrity. George’s onboard sensor safety processor monitors system health and will deploy emergency measures, such as a parachute, in the unlikely event of a failure.


uAvionix offers Command and Control (C2) solutions for point-to-point or networked UAS operations for Beyond Visual Line of Sight Operations. (BVLOS).

The Skylink Aircraft Radio System is extremely rugged and very small. It is a 10W Airborne Radio with dual antennas to provide a safety-critical data link.


uAvionix use a certified GPS with Integral Height Sensor   (truFYX-EXT)

The truFYX-EXT SBAS GPS provides critical timing, position integrity and barometric altitude to the C2 link, the autopilot, and transponder.


Mission Integrity

An aircraft is only as reliable as the weakest link. Many operators invest a fortune in equipment to ensure a stable system but are forced to settle for a consumer-level GPS source.  truFYX brings aviation integrity and design assurance to all aircraft including UAS and UAM.


uAvionix offers its SkyLink GRS ground radio as the core of the system; it is extremely rugged. 

It meets the DO-362A Class GMYS standard and has a beam-forming steerable 4x4 phased array for permanent fixed installations.

For the airborne function uAvionix offers various options including but not limited to the:

uAvionix  ping-200X.

The ping-200X is the leading FAA TSO Certified Mode S ADS-B OUT transponder for UAS. It facilitates airspace access and is intended to enable Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) acceptance worldwide. ping200X enables your aircraft to be detected by Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR), Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS), and ADSB-IN receivers.

uAvionix offers the RT-2087/ZPX-A, an AIMS certified Micro Transponder for UAVs

The RT-2087/ZPX-A is an ITAR-free AIMS certified micro-transponder for defence UAVs where there is a need to operate in civil airspace. It has been adapted for defence use from the uAvionix TSO-certified ping-200X. The ZPX-A incorporates transponder modes 3/A, C, S, and Extended Squitter (ES) ADSB-OUT.

uAvionix offers a Mode S ADS-B Transponder with Integrated Aviation GPS

ping200XR combines the technology of the TSO certified ping200X transponder with an internal TSO certified aviation GPS. Enabling airspace access, regulator, and Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) acceptance worldwide, ping200XR enables your aircraft to be detected by Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR), Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS), and ADS-B IN receivers.

Also offered:

ping200Sr  Mode S Transponder in the Palm of Your Hand

The ping200Sr can enable access to controlled airspace for your unmanned system using a compact Mode S ADS-B OUT transponder integrated with WAAS GPS and barometric altitude sensor.

Here it is: 20 gram 20W Mode S Transponder

ping20Si is the world’s smallest, lightest, most affordable Mode S ADS-B transponder. At just 20 grams, it allows drone aircraft to respond to Mode S radar interrogations by ATC and TCAS. ping20Si also transmits ADS-B on 1090MHz.  It meets the Minimum Performance Standards of DO-181E and DO-260B at 20W nominal output power.  GPS and pressure altitude data are provided by the onboard FYXnav position source and integrated barometer.  No autopilot integration is required.  Simply apply power and program via the ping wireless application.  If autopilot integration is preferred, ping20Si is compatible with many popular autopilots.


The world’s smallest and lightest ADS-B solution for sUAS

ping1090i is the world’s smallest, lightest, and most affordable full-range, dual-link Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) transceiver with integrated Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) Global Positioning System (GPS) and precision barometric sensor. At just 26 grams, it assists with Detect and Avoid (DAA) for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) operations in the Airspace.


pingRX Pro

The Professional Detect and Avoid system. The pingRX is the latest purpose-built Detect and Avoid (DAA) system for professional UAS operations. It offers easy integration to an autopilot and has the added protection of an aircraft quality aluminium housing and a detachable remote mount antenna. pingRX Pro is the ideal ADS-B receiver for professional UAS operators who require reliability, rugged build quality, and flexibility for limitless UAS applications.

Typical System Schematic for a UAS

In Summary: Use uAvionix for your UAS

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