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LX Navigation AHRS Module

A new digital attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) developed for very accurate measurement o..

Ex Tax: £630.00

LX Navigation LX10000

TRADE IN PRICE ONLY.Save £400 against a new LX 10k vario when you trade-in your old unit (any vario ..

Ex Tax: £2,150.00

LX NAV AHRS Artificial Horizon Activation

Attitude Heading and Reference System (AHRS) With most LX Nav high-end systems an AHRS activation f..

Ex Tax: £595.00

LX NAV ADS-B Receiver for LX8000/8080/9000

When a Garrecht Avionik TRX-1090 is connected to LX8000 you will be able to see all traffic broadcas..

Ex Tax: £550.00

FSG7016/VOX Carrying pocket

FSG7016/VOX Carrying pocket (left shoulder)..

Ex Tax: £440.00

FSG7016/VOX Capacity Test

FSG7016/VOX capacity test - charger and discharger unit H-Tronics C5..

Ex Tax: £420.00

LX NAV Magnetic Compass for all LX NAV Units

Fast and accurate magnetic sensor.The LX Nav Magnetic compass comprises of a 32bit microcontroller c..

Ex Tax: £390.00

LX NAV Remote Control Stick - 20mm for EB-29 with Trim switch

Stick Control UnitFits on the control column to provide stick-top remote operation of the LX Nav ins..

Ex Tax: £380.00