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FSG7016/VOX Capacity Test

FSG7016/VOX capacity test - charger and discharger unit H-Tronics C5..

Ex Tax: POA

FSG7016/VOX Spare NiMh Battery 12V/1.500 mAh

FSG7016/VOX spare NiMh battery 12V/1.500 mAh, sealed and protected..

Ex Tax: POA

FSG4/FSG5/FSG5W/FSG7016/VOX Dynamic Headset

FSG4/FSG5/FSG5W/FSG7016/VOX Dynamic Headset (noise attenuating), coiled cord, 4 pole connector..

Ex Tax: POA

FSG5W/FSG7016/VOX Speaker/Mic

FSG5W/FSG7016/VOX Speaker/Mic, fist type, coiled cord, rain proof, 10 pole plug ..

Ex Tax: £348.78

FSG4/FSG5 Dynamic Hand-Mic/Loudspeaker

Dynamic hand-mic/loudspeaker, coiled cord, 6 pole connector, sealed..

Ex Tax: £274.41

CI-122 VHF Comm Antenna

This VHF antenna is popular for installations where vertical space is restricted such as underneat..

Ex Tax: £240.00

FSG7016/VOX Interface cable to PC (RS-232)

FSG7016/VOX interface cable to PC (RS-232), 10-pole connector (radio) and 25-pole female..

Ex Tax: £237.97