Collision Avoidance Accessories

Collision Avoidance Accessories

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Air Traffic Display 57mm

Air Traffi Displays offer tremendous situational awareness.And excellent for use with Power Flarm de..

Ex Tax: £380.00

Butterfly Display for Flarm and PowerFlarm - Rectangular

Butterfly Displays offer tremendous situational awareness – perfect for glider cockpitsAnd excellent..

Ex Tax: £380.00

LX NAV FlarmView2 Display

Flarmview shows traffic information provided by FLARM or ADS-B A/C devices. It displays also climb r..

Ex Tax: £275.00

LX NAV FlarmView 57 Display

Main features:Loud acoustic warningColor warningsA/C MODE traffic (undirected warnings)Supports late..

Ex Tax: £230.00

V4+M BAT LED Display for Flarm and PowerFlarm - 57mm

This is a super bright LED system that gives audio alert and range and is ideal for use with Power F..

Ex Tax: £355.00

LX Navigation Flarm Colour Display

FeaturesTP Navigation!SD cardSunshine readableCompact plastic housingFlarm "radar" display shows a c..

Ex Tax: £175.00