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FSG 7016/VOX

Delivery time approx 9 monthsF10165 FGG7016/VOX UHF/AM handheld transceiver with VOX function, 16 pr..

£4,860.00 Ex Tax: £4,050.00


Purchase the Funke ATR833A OLED 8.33 Transceiver and Funke TRT800A OLED together, and save!Please se..

£3,756.00 £3,240.00 Ex Tax: £2,700.00


Purchase the Funke ATR833 OLED 8.33 Transceiver and Funke TRT800H OLED together, and save!Please see..

£3,606.00 £3,180.00 Ex Tax: £2,650.00


The FSG 90 and its variants are very high quality transceivers with a reputation for ruggedness and ..

£3,396.00 Ex Tax: £2,830.00


Purchase the Funke ATR833 LCD 8.33 Transceiver and Funke TRT800HLCD together, and receive a £251.00 ..

£3,360.00 £3,000.00 Ex Tax: £2,500.00

TRT 800A OLED Mode S Transponder

Selected as the transponder for the Royal Air Force Tucano fleet.Features:Class1 Level2esIntegral Al..

£2,130.00 Ex Tax: £1,775.00

TRT 800H OLED Mode S Transponder

 Features:- Class 1 Level 2es - Integral Alticoder (25ft increments) - Brilli..

£2,130.00 Ex Tax: £1,775.00

TRT 800H LCD Mode S Transponder

The TRT 800H LCD is a match for the ATR 833 LCD and is at a lower price than the OLED version althou..

£2,028.00 Ex Tax: £1,690.00

FSG 4 - No Longer in production

F10199 FSG4 VHF/AM Handheld Transceiver, 6 out of 760 channel pre-programmed, with battery and anten..

£1,884.00 Ex Tax: £1,570.00

FSG 5 - No Longer in production

F10200 FSG5 VHF/AM Handheld Transceiver, 760 channel with battery and antenna.In common with all FSG..

£1,570.00 Ex Tax: £1,570.00

ATR 833a OLED Transceiver

The ATR833A is a VHF radio in 160mm format with the new channel separation of 8.33kHz. The channel s..

£1,530.00 £1,270.00 Ex Tax: £1,058.33

ATR 833-OLED-2K Transceiver

The very popular ATR 833 OLED offers a very bright display and ease of operation. Available wit..

£1,404.00 Ex Tax: £1,170.00

ATR 833 Transceiver with LCD

Developed from the very popular ATR 833 OLED, the ATR 833 LCD has all the features of the OLED versi..

£1,290.00 Ex Tax: £1,075.00


NEW ATR833S VHF transceiver - please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery, for new orders.The ATR83..

£990.00 £990.00 Ex Tax: £825.00

TM250 Traffic Monitor

TM250 Traffic Monitor with Mode C, S, ADS-B and Flarm alert and minor change approval available.The ..

£948.00 Ex Tax: £790.00