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PowerFlarm Portable with Flarm, ADS-B and Mode C + S

Selected by RAF for fitment to its' Tucano fleet!Flarm and ADS-B 1090:•868MHz FLARM transceiver with..

£2,220.00 £2,100.00 Ex Tax: £1,750.00

PowerFlarm Core - ADSB, modes C&S Rx & Flarm Tx/Rx.

POWERFLARM – SEE WHAT YOU ARE MISSINGThe new PowerFLARM will make sure that you don’t miss those air..

£1,500.00 £1,440.00 Ex Tax: £1,200.00

Butterfly Variometer Additional Display

Starting with the Butterfly Vario, Butterfly Avionics of Germany launches a whole new range of glidi..

£1,380.00 Ex Tax: £1,150.00

PowerFlarm Core Pure - Flarm Tx & Rx only.

Small enough to fit behind the instrument panel, Power Flarm Core offers huge flexibility in install..

£1,020.00 Ex Tax: £850.00

Air Traffic Display 57mm

Air Traffi Displays offer tremendous situational awareness.And excellent for use with Power Flarm de..

£456.00 Ex Tax: £380.00

Butterfly Display for Flarm and PowerFlarm - Rectangular

Butterfly Displays offer tremendous situational awareness – perfect for glider cockpitsAnd excellent..

£456.00 Ex Tax: £380.00


Shark Fin External Flarm antenna, for mounting on bottom side of aircraft...

£216.00 Ex Tax: £180.00


Shark Fin External Flarm antenna for mounting on top side of aircraft...

£216.00 Ex Tax: £180.00

Air Connect

WiFi connection between Power Flarm Core and PNA, iPAD etc.  The following devices have connect..

£204.00 Ex Tax: £170.00