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PowerFlarm Portable with Flarm, ADS-B and Mode C + S

Selected by RAF for fitment to its' Tucano fleet!Flarm and ADS-B 1090:•868MHz FLARM transceiver with..

£2,023.73 Ex Tax: £1,686.44

PowerFlarm Fusion - ADSB, modes C&S Rx & Flarm Tx/Rx.

PowerFLARM FusionPowerFLARM Fusion combines the robust and proven PowerFLARM technology with the e..

£1,616.95 Ex Tax: £1,347.46

PowerFlarm Core Pure - Flarm Tx & Rx only.

Small enough to fit behind the instrument panel, Power Flarm Core offers huge flexibility in install..


Air Traffic Display 57mm

Air Traffi Displays offer tremendous situational awareness.And excellent for use with Power Flarm de..

£456.00 Ex Tax: £380.00

Butterfly Display for Flarm and PowerFlarm - Rectangular

Butterfly Displays offer tremendous situational awareness – perfect for glider cockpitsAnd excellent..

£456.00 Ex Tax: £380.00


Shark Fin External Flarm antenna for mounting on top side of aircraft...

£216.00 Ex Tax: £180.00

Air Connect

WiFi connection between Power Flarm Core and PNA, iPAD etc.  The following devices have connect..

£204.00 Ex Tax: £170.00