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Softie Seatpack Parachute

The Seatpack Softie is for use in aircraft that do not have room for a backpack style parachute behi..


Softie Wedge Parachute

A wedged shaped version of our popular Mini and Micro Softies, the Wedge Softie is designed specific..

£3,451.38 Ex Tax: £2,876.15

Softie Long Parachute

The chair style Long Softie is designed to conform to and maximize the comfort of the contoured seat..

£3,550.46 Ex Tax: £2,958.72

Softie Micro Parachute

The Micro Softie is a narrower and shorter version of the Mini Softie. It is designed to fit and sta..

£3,451.38 Ex Tax: £2,876.15

Softie Mini Parachute

The Mini Softie is an extremely small, lightweight and comfortable backpack parachute system designe..

£3,451.38 Ex Tax: £2,876.15

Softie Sheepskin

Luxurious Sheep Skin pad for your Softie Parachute..

£192.66 Ex Tax: £160.55

Softie Parachute Sweat Pad

Protective Sweat Pad that fits onto your Softie Parachute..

£110.09 Ex Tax: £91.74