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Thiesen EPL - Electronic Position Light

Position Lights for wingtipsThe EPL comprises all parts inside a high-optic, scratch-resistant plast..

£210.00 Ex Tax: £175.00

Thiesen EPLTis - Electronic Position Light - Taillight

EPL - TaillightThe EPL - Taillight is made of a high-optic, scratch-resistant plastic module. The en..

£245.10 Ex Tax: £204.25

Thiesen EPTA-NG

EPTA-NG - Electronic Position and Tail Light with Anti-Collision Light for NON-TSO'ed aircraftWith F..

£399.95 Ex Tax: £333.29

Thiesen ERB-UL Anti Collision Light /w Flarm Interface

ERB-UL Electronic Rotating Beacon for Ultralight-Aeroplanes with FLARM-Interface. ERB-UL - our new d..

£468.78 Ex Tax: £390.65

Thiesen TL-NG Electronic Tail Light

TL-NG – Electronic Tail Light of the ‘New Generation’with ‘Intelligent Synchronization’ and ACL-Func..

£272.59 Ex Tax: £227.16

Thiesen ACL 4 Anti Collision Light with FLARM interface

This is a brand new version of the ACL4 with FLARM interface and Intelligent SynchronisationACL4 - f..

£412.86 Ex Tax: £344.05

Thiesen ELL 50 Landing Light

ELL50 - Electronic Landing LightIntelligent Synchronization To see and be seenThe new Thiesen landi..

£336.00 Ex Tax: £280.00

Thiesen ELL 50L Landing Light

ELL50L - Electronic Landing LightIntelligent SynchronizationTo see and be seenThe approved ELL50 is ..

£404.60 Ex Tax: £337.17

Thiesen ELL 60 Landing Light

ELL60 - Electronic Landing LightTo see and be seenThe landing light ELL60 is the logical evolution o..

£491.70 Ex Tax: £409.75

Thiesen ELL 80is Fitting System

Fitting Systems for Landing Light (ELL)For the Thiesen ELL80is Landing Light..

£34.00 Ex Tax: £28.33

Thiesen ELL 80is Landing Light

ELL80is - Electronic Landing Light - Intelligent SynchronizationTo see and be seenThe use of the ELL..

£448.62 Ex Tax: £373.85

Thiesen ERB2 Electronic Rotating Beacon

ERB2 - Electronic Rotating Beacon for Ultra-Light AircraftERB2 – Thiesen`s new development with..

£505.45 Ex Tax: £421.21