PowerFlarm Portable with Flarm, ADS-B and Mode C + S

PowerFlarm Portable with Flarm, ADS-B and Mode C + S

Selected by RAF for fitment to its' Tucano fleet!

Flarm and ADS-B 1090:

•868MHz FLARM transceiver with extended range
•supports dual antenna operation (optional)
•1090 MHz receiver for Mode-C/S and ADS-B

•very high range (>100 NM)

•data output on ground possible (e.g. to optional PC-Software)

•data output on ground possible (e.g. to optional PC-Software)


•868MHz FLARM antenna
•second 868MHz FLARM antenna (optional)
•ADS-B antenna
•integrated GPS antenna (support for optional external antennas)

Size and enclosure:
•length: 94mm
•width: 96mm
•height: 46mm

•integrated rotary knob with push button
•special positive detents for tactile feedback

•integrated warning buzzer (up to 86 dBA)
•output for headset audio (optional)
•adjustable volume
•voice-warnings (optional from Q2/2011)

•integrated RS232 enhanced NMEA data outlet for Moving-Map or external displays
•integrated power supply for 3rd-party devices

Sensors and GPS:
•latest technology pressure sensor
•integrated microphone
•integrated 50-Channel GPS receiver


•SD-Card slot (Micro-SD)
•more than 4GB possible
•updates through SD-card possible

•2 threaded holes (M4) at the bottom
•adaptor-plates and mounts (optional)
•mountable with DualLock®
•fully autonomous - can be used anywhere in the aircraft

•sunlight readable active matrix OLED display
•resolution 220 x 176 pixels
•2" screen size
•180° viewing angle
•day and night mode

Power and batteries:
•6 interchangeable AA-batteries (all types)
•adaptive battery loading circuit with temperature monitoring (NiCd and NiMh batteries)
•usable without batteries (10 to 30V DC aircraft power)
•lasts up to 8 hours on one charge (depends on traffic volume)

Warnings given:

Power Flarm is designed to give precise warning of the relative positions of ADS-B transmitting aircraft and of aircraft transmitting Flarm information. Its Mode-C warning gives both distance (accuracy some 100m) and relative altitude (accuracy 25ft/50ft depending on XPDR).

It utilizes the same warning technology and motion prediction used in FLARM. This means it calculates hazard-levels as a function of many parameters and not only distance. (Its algorithms continually calculate and forecast possible flight vectors and matches them to probabilities) Warnings are given visually and acoustically depending on the severity of the hazard.

The display and user-interface is designed to minimize distraction.

In summary it detects:
•other ADS-B equipped aircraft without PowerFLARM
•other Mode-C/S XPDR equipped aircraft ( estimated range and real altitude difference but not direction)
•other aircraft with normal FLARM compatible systems

And all the time it transmits its own Flarm data making you conspicuous to other Flarm equipped aircraft

Answers to questions:
•PowerFLARM features an NMEA Data output just like the normal FLARM, so all FLARM-compatible display devices are also compatible with PowerFLARM, e.g. the Oudie.
•PowerFLARM also sends signals to all other FLARM compatible devices.

In the box:
•ADS-B Antenna
•FLARM Antenna

Options (please see PowerFlarm + ADS-B Accessories):

•NiMH charger and 6 NIMH AA size batteries for Power Flarm
•Power cable with open ends
•Power cable with cigarette lighter jack
•Remote GPS antenna
•GPS antenna extension cable 2 m with connectors
•Micro SD card (2GB)
•ADS-B External antenna
•ADS-B antenna extension cable
•ADS-B Standard antenna
•Data Cable Flymap/Skymap
•Dual lock fixing (Heavy duty Velcro)
•Flarm antenna with cable
•Flarm antenna extension cable 2m
•Flarm external antenna
•Flarm standard antenna
•ADS-B remote antenna for self-stick to canopy, with cable
•PowerFlarm portable mounting plate
•Other accessories available including a range of mounts

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