FR300 Personal Flight Recorder and Logbook

New FR300 Personal Flight Recorder and Logbook

Price includes postage and packing!  Warranty 1 year from purchase.

Many pilots will find the new inexpensive pocket sized personal flight recorder useful for basic flight analysis (and for OLC in many instances) but for some gliding badge claims, all record attempts and competition flights, IGC (International Gliding Commission) approved flight recorders (loggers) are normally required. Please note that some versions of Flarm have IGC approval (see Flarm section).

Under a recent change by the IGC these units can now be approved for national Silver and Gold distance badge flights (click here to see the new IGC regulations) – UK approval has been granted. Click here for the approval link.

The new FR 300 Personal Flight Recorder will be attractive to a wider aviation community than gliding: record your powered aircraft cross country flight, and see where you went, for example! As well as being a serious analytical tool, it is also a great fun device.

  • Small flight recorder device that has built in antenna, rechargeable battery and large memory. It comes with simple but powerful Logbook software that enables you to view and share flights with your friends
  • Flight Recorder is registered in 5 countries for Silver and Gold FAI badge flights
  • Logbook program is translated to 5 languages

This new and ultra small flight recorder replaces the previous FR 100 and has integral battery with generally over 10 hours operation from one charge which is from a USB port. Small light and approved by the BGA and with wider approval in the future as indicated below:

Big Change for Position Recorders:

On 2nd and 3rd of March 2012 there was an IGC Plenary Meeting in South Africa where they decided that for Silver and Gold badges you do not need extra altitude recorder and that GPS altitude will be accepted. The difference with fully certified flight recorders is that pilot should account for a 100 meter altitude margin for possible GPS altitude error (for instance 1100 meter gain of height for Silver badge).
The new rule will be applied when updated Sporting Code will be published, click here for more information.


Dimensions:78mm x 28mm x 18mm
Weight:32 grams
Warranty:1 year


Channel:65 parallel
Fix time (open sky, typical):hot start: less than 1s
cold start: less than 30s
Antenna:built in antenna

Accuracy and Dynamics:

Accuracy – position5m CEP
Accuracy – velocity0.1m/s
Dynamics – altitude18,000 m maximum
Dynamics – velocity 514 m/s maximum


Battery built in 450mAh rechargeable battery
Battery operation >10 hours

Flight Recorder:

Recording time259,000 fixes which is 71 hours with 1s interval rate
Recording interval adjustable between 1 – 30 seconds
Recorder datadate and time, position, GPS altitude, ground speed, pilot event
IGC certificationno

Package Includes

  • flyWithCE Flight Recorder device
  • CD-ROM with flyWithCE Logbook, user's manual and drivers
  • holder lanyard

Flight playback is against a Google Earth background and shows the track flown in an easy to read format. With IGC analysis software more information can be extracted. The barograph trace opens full screen.

The personal flight recorder and the software supplied with it gives the user a powerful piece of equipment for flight documentation and analysis.

The flyWithCE Personal Flight Recorder is approved by the BGA as a position recorder for Silver and Gold Badge flights only.

Please note that Mac OS is not supported. The BGA reports that some customers are using a Windows version of the Logbook application on MAC via virtual machine. For more information please go to

Operating Tips

Click here for brochure and more information

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