TRIG TT21 Mode S Transponder

TRIG TT21 Mode S Transponder

The TT 21 system is the smallest and lightest Mode S general aviation transponder around. The TT21 is a two-part system and includes an integrated altitude encoder !

Principal features include:

  • Weight 450 g
  • Dimensions:
    • Controller: 64 x 45 x 45 mm
    • Transponder: 62 x 45 x 141 mm
  • Type Class 2 Mode S Level 2 Datalink
  • Certification: ETSO 2C112b, C88a, TSO C112, C88b (certification due for completion about Feb 09
  • Compliance: ED73B, DO160E,DO 178B level B, DO254, DO181C, DO260A
  • Supply voltage (DC): 10 – 33 V
  • Typical current consumption: @ 14V
    • Idle: 0.15 A
    • Active: 0.28 A
  • Transmitter power: 130W nominal at connector
  • Operating Temperature: - 40 to + 70 C

The TT 21 meets all the requirements for Mode S elementary surveillance transponders in Europe for aircraft flying below 15,000ft and at airspeeds below 175 kts. It can be used for both VFR and IFR flight. The system also supports 1090 MHz ADS-B extended squitter (an appropriate GPS receiver is required to enable this function – not included).

The TT 21 system can easily be fitted to aircraft where there are space and weight constraints. The front panel controller fits into almost any instrument panel and takes less space than a standard 57mm diameter instrument; a lightweight cable runs from the control panel to the transponder unit and that can be mounted anywhere in the aircraft. The transponder unit is then connected to the antenna and power supply.

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