GEA 24 Engine Indication System (EIS)

GEA 24 Engine Indication System (EIS)

This configurable engine interface module converts engine sensor information to a digital format that can be displayed on G3X™ or G3X Touch™ (experimental and certified) displays.

Certificated Aircraft

When paired with G3X Touch for Certificated Aircraft, GEA™ 24 uses inputs from engine sensors to enable your G3X Touch to display primary engine information — allowing for the removal of outdated analog gauges. The system can accommodate various engine, fuel and electrical gauges with easy-to-interpret color bands, supporting most popular Lycoming or Continental 4- to 6-cylinder engines. In addition to providing real-time indications, the system also offers a fuel computer, lean assist mode, pilot alerts/advisories and more — enabling you to optimize fuel economy while maintaining high efficiency and performance from your engine. The EIS data can also be logged to an SD™ card in the display and later uploaded to® for analysis by your maintenance shop’s service team.

Experimental Aircraft

In Experimental Aircraft, GEA 24 pairs with either G3X™ or G3X Touch™ flight displays to enable tailoring of instrumentation inputs for display of engine gauges, color bands, alerts, fuel, flaps, trim and other vital sensor data. Sensor kits are available for most popular engine configurations used in experimental amateur-built (EAB) aircraft, such as Lycoming, Continental, Rotax and ultralight power plants, or you can manually configure gauges with any electrically compatible sensor (see installation manual for details).

When paired with G3X Touch, a single GEA 24 engine interface module can support piston engines of up to 6 cylinders as well as turbine applications. Likewise, a second GEA 24 and G3X Touch allow owners to monitor engine operation for up to 12 cylinders, including radials and twin-engine applications. It even works with CAN bus interfaces for compatible FADEC engines such as the Rotax 912 iS.

With the GEA 24 stand-alone EIS interface module, you also have greater flexibility in the installation location, and it incorporates standard-density connectors for easier wiring.

For questions regarding supported engine and airframe interfaces or to request support for a non-supported item, please contact

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