KTX2 Mode S Transponder

KTX2 Mode S Transponder

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The KTX2 mode S transponder is, like all Dittel-Avionik products, a highly efficient device.

Principal Features

  • Low weight of only 360g
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Low cost
These features make the KTX2 especially suitable for gliders, ultralight aircraft and balloons. The current consumption of a Mode-S transponder depends on numerous parameters and can often be an issue in aircraft without on-board power generation. In Mode S operation in busy airspace a high rate of interrogation is likely and the transponder will respond accordingly leading to greatly increased power being demanded of the battery. The KTX2 will work perfectly on battery power for many hours. It has a simple set up procedure too.

The installation of the KTX2 is straightforward. The panel cut-out is the standard 57mm; the length is only 144mm and together this gives plenty of room for fitment into almost all instrument panels thus greatly simplifying the installation.

A height encoder is not required as the KTX2 has an integrated high - precision pressure sensor. Just connect the hose from the 'static port', connect to the antenna and power supply and that was the whole installation !!  (apart from the paperwork !)

'Extended squitter' or ADS-B Out

Dittel-avionik will be producing its own 'Traffic Monitor' in due course that will enable a full collision warning system to be created based on the KTX2. Meanwhile, the system could be connected a third-party ‘Traffic Monitor’ now.

EASA Approval is: ETSOA.21O.10055186

Supplied without connector or pre-wired harness (see Dittel Transponder Accessories)

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