PowerFlarm Core - ADSB, modes C&S Rx & Flarm Tx/Rx.

-0% PowerFlarm Core - ADSB, modes C&S Rx & Flarm Tx/Rx.


The new PowerFLARM will make sure that you don’t miss those aircraft that were previously out of your range.

  • Extended Range - See conflicts earlier
  • Antenna diversity – Second antenna to extend the range below
  • ADS-B & Transponder receiver
  • Fully compatible with all FLARM devices and displays
  • Easy installation behind the panel

Small enough to fit behind the instrument panel, PowerFlarm Core offers huge flexibility in installation.

PowerFLARM® CORE is a rugged PowerFLARM® solution for fixed installation. PowerFLARM Core is installed "hidden" behind the instrument panel or in the avionics compartment and passes PowerFLARM® traffic information to third party display systems. Many specialized display solutions are available, additionally nearly all leading Moving-Map Systems are capable of displaying PowerFLARM® Data.

To obtain full collision warning it is essential that Core is used with a suitable Flarm display; using a Moving Map system alone will not achieve this.

It is plug and play with any Butterfly and V3+ and V4+ displays.

All the Cores now have audio hardware at the same price as the previous versions.

If a customer intends to use audio out, a license for that is required. To purchase a license, simply tell us the serial number of the device and we will sell you a license file for this device and send it by email.

Optional features (please see PowerFlarm + ADS-B Accessories):

  • Audio
  • second FLARM radio channel
  • IGC - Note that the IGC needs to be activated and then the unit calibrated and this can add 2 weeks to the process.  Calibration charge is extra
  • ENL
  • GARMIN TIS interface
  • EASA Minor Change
  • Obstacle database Alps

Audio is connected to one pin of the DB-9 connector (pin 1). Customer or installer then connects this and ground to his speaker / headset / Intercom.

PowerFLARM® Core can operate two independent FLARM® antennas. In contrast to normal FLARM®-systems it features enhanced range and better coverage. So it has potential use in higher speed aircraft and also those with metal fuselages where a single antenna can blank the signal.

In the box:

  • PowerFLARM Core Basic Device (EU-Version)
  • FLARM®-Antenna
  • ADS-B -Antenna
  • GPS-Antenna
  • Data-cable
  • Documentation

Compatible with:

  • External Display Systems
  • Moving Map GPS Systems
  • GARMIN® Moving Maps with TIS Interface
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