LX Navigation ZEUS/EOS Flap Sensor

LX Navigation ZEUS/EOS Flap Sensor

The Zeus/EOS Flap Sensor detects longitudinal movement of the flap lever operating rod. The device, which converts longitudinal movement into an electrical signal, is a high quality wire-wound multi-turn potentiometer. A spring based self-retracting system returns the cord when the flap lever rod is moved forward. The system will accept control rod movement of up to 300 mm which enables the unit to be used in ALL flapped gliders currently available. Once installed, only two wires are used to connect to the electronic device (LXCANAD), which converts resistance data into digital signal. The electronic device is a part of the CAN system bus.

Mechanical layout of the sensor device:

  • Diameter - 38mm
  • Width - 49mm
  • Cord maximum travel - 300mm

Electronic interface:

  • 34 x 27 x 18 mm
  • 2x CAN bus connectors (8P). Plug-and-fly. No soldering required
  • 4x analogue inputs (for brakes, undercarriage ...)
  • Compatible with LX Zeus and LX Eos System bus
  • Easy calibration via user interface of LX Zeus or LX Eos
  • When used with EOS it can be a stand-alone solution with LX NAVBOX* as indicator
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