LX NAV LX9050 Club Rear Seat Uni with Vario

LX NAV LX9050 Club Rear Seat Uni with Vario

LX NAV Computers for the twenty First Century. Reliable, accurate and always upgradeable.

Aimed at pilots of all levels.

The Software is used across the range of LX 80xx/90xx flight computers.

All devices support the same software features.

LX 8080 / LX 8000 / LX 9050

IGC approved flight recorder  Yes YesX
Built-in GPS Yes YesX
Voice messagesYes XX
Profile customization with LX StylerYes XX
Flarm module


  • 7 pages (Airport, Waypoint, Task, Setup, Info, Near, Statistics)
  • Customisable personalised sub-pages via LX Styler
  • Configurable display layout (nav boxes, colours, sizes etc.)
  • Multi language user interface
  • sound and voice messages supported
  • simple landscape / portrait conversion
  • Smart power management
  • Audio equalizer
  • Preloaded worldwide terrain, maps, airspace and airport databases
  • Free database update (airspace and airports)
  • Integrated flight recorder (also for JET & FES)
  • Remote stick control supported
  • Import / export of TP, TSK, and (APT)
  • PDF reader
  • Easy firmware update via SD card or USB
  • Grand Prix rules and finish ring supported
  • JDU & FES monitoring
  • Custom map terrain colour scheme (Mountains, Flatland)
  • Near Mode (easy selection of landable fields)
  • Position Report (useful for ATC)
  • Statistics during and post flight  
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