Kanardia Nesis III 8.4 Basic Kit with AHRS,GPS Unit (AIRU), Engine Monitoring (DAQU), OAT, Cables

Kanardia Nesis III 8.4 Basic Kit with AHRS,GPS Unit (AIRU), Engine Monitoring (DAQU), OAT, Cables

NESIS, the complete navigation, flight and engine system for the ultralight aeroplanes, autogyros and helicopters. As either a 8.0" or 5.0" version.

The NESIS family of avionics is a self-contained state-of-the-art EFIS instrument optimized for ultralight aircraft. NESIS is available in two sizes:

  • 8.0" screen diagonal
  • 5.5" screen diagonal

All units are lightweight with low power consumption. NESIS works perfectly together with the Lx Air Dat system.


NESIS includes:

  • Airspeed and altitude monitors
  • A variometer
  • An AHRS
  • A horizontal situation indicator (HSI)
  • An autopilot
  • An engine monitoring system (EMS)
  • A moving map
  • A flight planning system
  • World-wide map coverage
  • Support for ADS-B and Flarm receiver
  • And much more.

It also supports the orthophoto mode for automatic camera triggering and angle correction - Geoniss system. NESIS has a multi-language user interface and is the only modern multi-functional unit which currently hosts a carbon monoxide detector and gives a warning before CO builds up to dangerous levels.

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Tags: Kanardia Nesis III 8.4 Basic Kit with AHRS, GPS Unit (AIRU), Engine Monitoring (DAQU), OAT, Cables

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