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NEW ATR833S VHF transceiver - please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery, for new orders.

The ATR833S replaces the well-known ATR500 radio; it complies with the new channel separation of 8.33 kHz.

The ATR833S is a completely new development. 

The RF signal is digitally processed directly after the first intermediate frequency; the whole audio processing including intercom is also completely digitized.

The ATR833S also has a built-in 4 place voice controlled intercom with the same functionality as the well-known ATR833.

One main objective during the development of the ATR833S was to deliver simple andintuitive operation and it will appeal to pilots who appreciate the essence of easy operation.

The bright two-line LCD display of the ATR500 was deliberately chosen as it is easy to read with just a few additional iconsgiving additional information.


Technical Data

Dimensions                                          65x 65 x 163 mm

Weight                                                380g / 0,84 lbs

Power supply voltage                            10 / 28V DC

Current(standby)                                  ca. 220 / 120 mA

Currenttransmit                                    ca.1,3 / 0,65 A

Transmitterpower                                 6W

Audio outputpower                               4W

Standards                                            ETSO-2C169A

                                                                               Transmitter Class 4, 6.

                                                                               Receiver Class C, E, H1 & H2 


Certification                                                        EASA.210.10060316  

                                                          TSO-C37d,RTCA DO-186A Class 6 &4

       TSO-C38d,RTCA DO-186A Class E & C


                                                                                        We expect to start shipping from mid February 2017.

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