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Garmin GTX 345 (ADS-B)

 All-in-one Transponder Solution for ADS-B “Out” and “In”1090 MHz ADS-B “Out” enables aircraft ..

£4,500.00 Ex Tax: £3,750.00

AR6201 + BXP6401 Bundle

Purchase the Becker AR 6201 8.33 Transceiver and Becker BXP 6401 transponder together, and save!Plea..

£3,948.00 £3,600.00 Ex Tax: £3,000.00


Purchase the Funke ATR833A OLED 8.33 Transceiver and Funke TRT800A OLED together, and save!Please se..

£3,756.00 £3,240.00 Ex Tax: £2,700.00

TT21 + TY91 Bundle

Purchase the Trig TY91 Transceiver and Trig TT21 together, and save!Please see related products belo..

£3,264.00 £2,795.00 Ex Tax: £2,329.17

Portable Transponder Box inc. TRT800H-OLED Transponder, 2 Antennae, battery, charger

Aluminium housing with leather cover12V battery built inTransponder Antenna 16cmOLED TransponderAvai..

£2,850.00 Ex Tax: £2,375.00

Becker BXP6401-1-(01) 250W Mode S Transponder (Class 1– above 15,000ft)

Same as the BXP6401-2-(01) above but with higher power output.Principle Features:Based on proven ult..

£2,640.00 Ex Tax: £2,200.00

Becker BXP6403-1-(12) Mode S Transponder - Class 1

Single block Mode S Transponder - face lift standard.The BXP6405 is standard width Mode-S trans..

£2,460.00 Ex Tax: £2,050.00

TRT 800A OLED Mode S Transponder

Selected as the transponder for the Royal Air Force Tucano fleet.Features:Class1 Level2esIntegral Al..

£2,100.00 Ex Tax: £1,750.00

TRT 800H OLED Mode S Transponder

 Features:- Class 1 Level 2es - Integral Alticoder (25ft increments) - Brilli..

£2,100.00 Ex Tax: £1,750.00

Becker BXP6401-2-(01) 150W Mode S Transponder (Class 2 – below 15,000ft)

This is a single box system that fits in a 57mm panel cut-out. The Mode-S ICAO address is stored in ..

£2,100.00 Ex Tax: £1,750.00

KTX2 Mode S Transponder - Mini

Available soon!The KTX2 mode S transponder is, like all Dittel-Avionik products, a highly efficient ..

£2,034.00 Ex Tax: £1,695.00

TRIG TT31 Mode S Transponder KT 76 replacement version

The TT31 is a power-efficient, inexpensive, Mode S transponder that meets the European elementary su..

£2,028.00 £1,980.00 Ex Tax: £1,650.00

TRT 800H LCD Mode S Transponder

The TRT 800H LCD is a match for the ATR 833 LCD and is at a lower price than the OLED version althou..

£2,028.00 Ex Tax: £1,690.00