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Oudie IGC

Oudie IGC has all the features and hardware included with Oudie 2, (see text below) but the case is ..

£840.00 Ex Tax: £700.00

Oudie 2

Oudie: the perfect size for use in a glider! And now with extra bright display!Built-in GPS and..

£540.00 Ex Tax: £450.00

Oudie 2 to IGC upgrade.

Upgrade to IGC. Please note that not all Oudie 2 devices can be upgraded. In order to confirm p..

£480.00 Ex Tax: £400.00

Oudie 2 Light

Just like the Oudie, used by over 5,000 glider pilots, but supplied so that you can load your own pr..

£330.00 Ex Tax: £275.00

Oudie Sunshade

By popular demand we have developed a bespoke sunshade for Oudie that can be fitted with or without ..

£29.95 Ex Tax: £24.96

Oudie Case

Protective Carry Case for Oudies...

£12.00 Ex Tax: £10.00